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TREASON: Illegal Immigration Insider Exposes Obama…He Was America’s ENEMY!

It’s been a couple weeks since President Donald Trump signed his executive order on immigration.

But the controversy hasn’t died down much.

And yet, America knows something needs to be done, as recent reports prove this country is still CRAWLING with illegal aliens.

Illegal immigration continues to assault this country like a plague, which is why Trump is actively taking the bull by the horns; how’s about stripping illegals of all funding and reallocating those funds to VICTIMS?

We love that one.

Anyhow, against all this backdrop and drama comes a former ICE special agent Jeff Parkes, who doesn’t mind talking to the press and setting some mainstream mantras straight.

And what he said was pretty blunt:

He said that Trump’s pretty much doing what was allowed for ICE under Barack Obama. And what that means is that ICE both had and has authority to detain illegals and initiate Notice to Appear paperwork that starts the deportation process.

That’s been the law since 1965, he said, Independent Journal Review reported.

“What I see in the news is utter nonsense. As a former sworn immigration official and a special agent with ICE, you are given authority as an immigration agent under the INA to arrest anyone who you have determined the alienage and removability for. You have the ability to come across any person on the street in the U.S. and determine if that individual is removable.

This law was on the books during the Obama administration, but some executive actions took place that slowed some of that down.”

The big thing was that supervisors might not want to actually do the right thing with the illegals, and initiate deporations. So all this talk about rounding up illegals in their homes is just bunk, he said.

Usually, he said, politics dictated what happened to the illegals.

“The current travel restrictions are long overdue. I have direct knowledge of aliens entering the country from Yemen, as Buffalo is the second largest population center for people from Yemen. As to the other countries on the list, I had encounters with aliens from each of the countries throughout my time as an agent but not as many as from Yemen.”

In other words, illegals do come from countries like Yemen, one of the terror hot spots Trump wanted on the travel ban list, and enter America with intent to commit crimes.

So what’s the big takeaway?

In as brief a fashion as possible: Trump’s right. The left’s wrong. Unless the left want to see more horror stories like this one…

H/T Redwhiteandright

And the mainstream media continue to sell a lie about the true nature of some of the illegals who seek to come to America, and about the national security risk of open borders.

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