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Trey Gowdy Just Gave Leakers A Brutal Warning, He Knows Who They Are [Details]

Like the rest of us, Congressman Trey Gowdy of upstate South Carolina is disturbed that so much classified and otherwise sensitive information keeps getting leaked out of our intelligence agencies and other government sources.

Gowdy is furious about how the mainstream media keeps publishing the information that is being leaked without actually pursuing the leakers. Gowdy has a pretty good idea who the leakers are, and he just issued them a harsh warning.

Gowdy recently appeared on Fox and Friends and said, “The unnamed source is one issue and I’m going to let the media sort out whether the moral quandary that is that. I tell you what is not a moral quandary, that is printing of classified information.”

He added, “I will tell you this: We had a hearing yesterday on one of our surveillance programs up for reauthorization programs this year. The reauthorization of these tools that we need to keep us safe is in jeopardy if we don’t stop the leaks. Leaks are illegal and they are dangerous and they are deleterious to our national security.”

When asked about the identity of the leakers, Trey said that they are a small group of “about 30″ people. He declined to name names, but asserted, “It is a small universe of people who would have had access to the underlying conversation, any summaries, and then what ultimately wound up in The Washington Post. So you need to find those 30 and apply whatever pressure is necessary from a legal standpoint through your investigation because leaks are going to destroy these programs.” Is Gowdy right? Watch below:

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