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Trey Gowdy Just Did The IMPOSSIBLE! What A Legend!

We’ve seen the true face of the Democrats ever since Donald Trump won the elections. They are doing everything so that they can make him look like a bad President or even worse. However Trey Gowdy does not accept this calmly.

Even after one month of the elections, the Democrats are still trying to convince us that Donald Trump is somehow connected to Russia even though they do not have evidence for their claims. They were also insulting the Republicans for making a bad investigation about the communication of Donald Trump with Michael Flynn and Russian Officials.

Trey Gowdy obviously did not accept their accusations because he did everything to ensure that the law is above everyone.

He said: The Democrats may be new to this investigation, but the Republicans in the House, as it relates to Russia and their attempts to interfere in our elections, we`re not new to it.

Gowdy also stated that the Democrats are always more concerned in politics than actually finding out what happened.

”We’re obviously not going to ignore something like that.”

Bill Hemmer once asked Gowdy, if he thinks that the Russians were somehow connected to the election’s results, Gowdy said: I don’t think anyone knows. I’ve seen no evidence of it.

H/T Thepoliticaltribune

What do you think of this? Do you think Gowdy is right?

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