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Trey Gowdy SHUTS UP Pro-Illegal Congressman On Live TV, With NO MERCY

Trey Gowdy is on a roll these days. He has been a vocal opponent of Hillary Clinton and absolutely destroys people on the regular during congressional hearings. This time, he is pulling no punches.

As we get closer to the election, immigration is becoming a bigger and bigger point of contention. Donald Trump opposes illegal immigration and is calling for a wholesale reform if our immigration policies. He’s 100% correct. What we need is a stronger border to keep our drugs, illegals, terrorists, and murderers. But the Democrats just can’t seem to get that through their thick, liberal skulls. Take this example below.

Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson was questioning a witness from the border patrol and leading him with a line of questioning that was completely asinine. He was trying to make a point and then wouldn’t let the border patrol person speak. This is the way the Democrats work. They think they’ve made a point, but then just talk over you thinking they’ve won the argument.

Well Trey Gowdy was having none of that and told Hank Johnson to shut the F**k up! Not in those words, but in the meanest way allowable in front of this committee.

Gowdy embarrasses Johnson in the best way possible here. The way the liberals operate is exactly how this conversation goes down: they keep talking when it’s not their turn, they try to make a point that makes them look good instead of having a meaningful and constructive debate, and they make sure their point is the one that wins even though it’s usually the point that makes the least amount of sense.

H/T Washingtonfeed

Mr. Johnson, here’s a reason that the border patrol might needs guns and vehicles: TO TRY AND CAPTURE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO MIGHT BE ARMED AND DANGEROUS TRYING TO ENTER THE COUNTRY BY FORCE. You idiot.

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