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Trey Requested A Second Special Council To Investigate Hillary, Comey and Lynch

When Obama was in charge there were several investigations that didn’t get the attention and treatment they needed. Democrats were covering up those investigations. But that is all in the past now since Donald Trump was elected.

The Republicans want this administration to do even more. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has received many letters demanding some people to be investigated like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice and James Comey.

Obama’s corruption and crimes are not hidden from the public, the Americans know what he has done. He wasn’t good at hiding things and didn’t do anything to improve the country. The surprising thing is that there is not an investigation already.

Hillary Clinton was exposed for her crimes and there were investigations into her email scandal. But that wasn’t her only crime. She betrayed the Americans in every way possible.

Now Trey Gowdy demanded investigations into this people, he knows what they have done and wants justice to be served. Gowdy is well-known for exposing the truth about everyone.

Together with other 15 Republicans, Trey requested a second Special Council to investigate the liberals and the crimes they committed. This is a proof that there will be a fair and absolute investigation.

It’s time for these people to be exposed for their crimes, and maybe then we will get justice.

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