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Triple Amputee Vet Raising Money for Wall Reveals ‘Many Democrats’ Are Thanking Him for His Efforts

The triple amputee veteran who has already raised over $12 million to fund the construction of President Donald Trump’s desired border wall has revealed that “many Democrats” are now reaching out to him to thank him for his efforts to secure our southern border.

During a Friday interview with Fox Business, Brian Kolfage spoke about the GoFundMe page he set up as the president battles Congress over border wall funding. While he’s clearly received a positive response, he shared that President Trump’s supporters aren’t the only ones pleased with him.

In fact, he’s “shocked” by the number of Democrats who have expressed their support.
“We’re not getting just people who voted for Trump now,” Kolfage said. “I’m getting messages from many Democrats who say they support this wall […] It’s showing the support of all Americans who are coming together on this.”

He went on to ponder if mainstream media outlets have downplayed the support for the wall among American voters — which recently hit a record high.

“The amount of support behind this wall is a lot more than the liberal media, CNN and all of them, want you to believe,” Kolfage said. “That’s why I was shocked when I got tons of emails from Democrats. It blew my mind because you don’t hear anything about that, you don’t think Democrats want this wall, but clearly they do want this wall.”

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The Air Force veteran’s patriotic effort comes as Congress weighs a spending bill that would keep the federal government open until February.

After the Senate passed a version of the bill this week that failed to include $5 billion for funding the wall, Trump put his foot down and made it clear he wouldn’t sign it if passed in both chambers. The House later passed a version of the bill with funding for the wall.

The Senate is expected to vote on a new version of the spending bill that includes wall funding, but it is not expected to pass.

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