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Trump admin cuts off power to commie squatters at DC Venezuelan embassy

The Trump administration is taking steps to restore order at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C., which is currently occupied by radical-left activists seeking to protect the status of socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

On Wednesday night, power and water were cut off to the diplomatic compound, which is located in the Georgetown neighborhood of the nation’s capital. Moreover, police stopped allowing food deliveries to be made to the leftist squatters, who are illegally occupying the embassy grounds.

NBC Washington reports:

President Donald Trump’s administration has said the activists are trespassing Venezuelan sovereign territory and need to leave. Gustavo Vecchio, Guaidó’s appointee as ambassador to Washington, has said he’s signed all necessary documents and it is now up to U.S. authorities to clear the building.

When the U.S. government recognized Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, the White House revoked the diplomatic privileges previously granted to the diplomatic corps serving under Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro’s diplomats vacated the premises on April 24th. But before departing, they invited far-left activists to occupy the embassy in their stead. Activists from the radical-left group Code Pink, have led the Embassy Protection Collective, a conglomerate of extreme leftist groups that have devoted the last few weeks to propping up Maduro and preventing Venezuelan officials under Guaido from carrying out their diplomatic duties in the embassy.

The far-left groups — which appear to be mostly Caucasian American Baby Boomers — have faced opposition from large groups of Venezuelan expatriates, who have arrived at the embassy to protest the actions of the pro-Maduro activists.

resident Trump has every legal right to evict the protesters from the premises.

Tom Rogan explains in The Washington Examiner that the Trump administration, under federal law, can force the removal of the protesters from the embassy:

Title 18, Chapter 7, Section 112-B of the U.S. criminal code makes it a federal offense to interfere with the lawful activities of a foreign diplomatic officer or facility.

He continues:

Trump should order the responsible U.S. agencies to remove Code Pink. If the protesters resist, they should be arrested and charged under Section 112-B. Then President Guaidó can be invited to retake control of his diplomatic facility.

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