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TRUMP UNDER ATTACK! Look What Happened at Electoral College as Trump Officially Won Pennsylvania

In what is supposed to be a formality, Electoral College “Electors” are gathering in each state around the country today to make Trump’s victory official. Instead of a quiet peaceful event, the Pennsylvania Electoral College vote has spiraled into CHAOS!

Hillary and her lapdogs in the media have spent weeks trying to de-legitimize Trump by pushing Russian hack conspiracy theories, and now her supporters are trying to disrupt the actual electoral college vote.

And it’s only getting worse. As the vote was announced, protesters shouted “No Treason, No Trump!” and “Not our President.” Michael Tracey is reporting that 30 “protesters” have been arrested outside of the proceedings. (Continue Below)

Equipped with matching signs, probably provided by a George Soros funded group, the protesters are screaming that Russia is now in control of America… THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE…

Check out this video in from the Wisconsin Electoral College Vote as a woman screams “this is my America” as she tries to stop the vote from happening. THIS IS DESPICABLE!

Here are the Electoral College results as of now. There are no “faithless electors” voting against the will of their state…YET! (State voting schedule here

All votes have gone AS PLANNED besides these insane protesters screaming about Russia stealing our election.

This shows how ignorant liberals truly are… It was only 8 years ago when Liberals, led by Obama, MOCKED the idea of Russia even being relevant in our foreign policy discussions.

Remember this snarky comment Obama made to Mitt Romney? SHARE this on Facebook to expose these Liberals for the hypocrites they are…

Now fast-forward to 2016 and Obama is trying to say Russia is interfering with our elections and going to cause World War 3… Does he not realize these old videos exist?

Source: Subjectpolitics

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