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Trump Beaks Silence On Twitter Following Mueller Report To Say, ‘Good Morning,’ Panic Ensues

President Donald Trump broke a self-imposed silence Sunday, making his first Tweets since Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report to his Department of Justice superiors Friday afternoon, and it seemed constructed particularly to irritate media awaiting his first statements on the issue.

Trump made no mention of the Russia investigation, instead telling his followers to “Have a great day!”

Shortly after, he followed up with a more traditional Trump Tweet, “Make America Great Again!”

The President has been at his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, since Friday morning,and was there when Mueller delivered his report to Attorney General William Barr. According to the Washington Examiner, Trump was briefed fully on the report — including that Mueller recommended no further indictments — and is being kept appraised of updates to the investigation by attorneys on site.

The report, of course, concluded Mueller’s nearly two-year investigaiton into whether members of the Trump presidential campaign colluded with Russian officials to impact the outcome of the 201 presidential elections, and into whether the President himself obstructed justice in the matter. But from early reports and very basic synopsis available to media, it appears Mueller did not find enough evidence to prosecute the President or any further members of his inner circle.

A letter from Barr, announcing that the report was complete, made mention that Mueller was not obstructed in any way in his investigation, and that anything Mueller’s team requested was provided to them.

News of the report appeared to create widespread trama among Democratic activists, and Trump’s Sunday morning Tweets seemed only to exacerbate the anguish. Key activists and members of the media struggled to understand why Trump has remained mum on the report, issuing only pleasantries on social media.

The notorious Krassenstein brothers seemed particularly irked.

The single conclusion that can be drawn from the limited information available about the Mueller report, of course, is that no further indictments can be expected.

The media also jumped into overdrive, obsessively analzying the content of Trump’s Tweet. The Hill was quick to report that no only had the President broken his 40-hour silence on the matter, but that sources close to the President at Mar-a-Lago reported that Trump was, suspiciously, “in a good mood.”

A media reporter for the Washington Post called the President’s 40-hour break from social media “stunning,” and mused on what it could mean. CNN reporters covered the Tweet as it happened. An ABC reporter was so shocked by the President’s Tweet that she, herself, tweeted, “mind blown.”

A synopsis of the Mueller report’s most significant conclusions is expected Sunday. Trump is likely to Tweet again after.

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