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Trump Breaks Personal Tradition, Disembarks Marine One with Granddaughter in Tow

A different side of the president was on display Sunday night as Donald Trump returned from a weekend at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf resort.

As Trump leaves or departs the White House, he usually does so as America’s commander in chief, exchanging somber, solo salutes with a Marine guard as he steps into or out of Marine One.

On other occasions, he and first lady Melania Trump leave the media clicking as the she makes an impression on the fashion world with a new outfit.

At times, the family picture is rounded out with the presence of Barron Trump, the son of the president and the first lady.

But on Sunday, Trump broke from his usual tradition, walking hand-in-hand with his granddaughter, Arabella, the 7-year-old daughter of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, according to The Daily Caller.

On Sunday night, Trump stepped out of Marine One with Arabella, who seemed a bit shy of the attention she received from photographers, but acted very happy as she walked across the White House lawn with the president. They were followed by the rest of the Kushner-Trump family.

Although reporters shouted questions at Trump, he did not respond, The Daily Mail reported.

While Arabella was on her best behavior with her grandfather, she was a little less camera-shy a few days earlier when a pack of photographers followed her and her mother when they went out for ice cream, The Daily Mail reported.

The two went out to Larry’s Ice Cream & Cupcakes in the Dupont Circle neighborhood, roughly a mile from the White House.

As they sat by a window of Larry’s, each with an ice cream cone, Arabella stuck out her tongue at the photographers and made a series of faces.

Long before the Trump family was thinking of the White House, Ivanka Trump said her father was a doting grandfather to Arabella “all the time,” Newsmax reported.

However in a 2013 interview, Ivanka said there were limits.

“He wouldn’t know what to do if she was crying or needed a diaper change. Although I think he’d figure it out,” she said, adding that as a father, he “was always a great father in that he was always there.”

The president has nine grandchildren, all from the children of his first marriage to Ivana Trump

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