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Trump Claims Dems Refused a Wall Deal Because DACA Was ‘Not Worth It’ — He Thinks It Could Hurt Them in 2020

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to explain why he thinks these stalled negotiations over border security funding will come back to haunt Democrats in 2020.

The president has been in a three-week stalemate with Democrats over the funding a southern border wall. Democrats have only offered to give in one dollar to fulfill the White House’s request for $5.7 billion and the last sit-down negotiation between the two sides resulted in a presidential walkout.

Negotiations have been stalled again because the House adjourned and several Democrats headed to Puerto Rico for a vacation with lobbyists, much to the chagrin of President Trump who is waiting to work out a deal at the White House.

Although the president is currently frustrated with the inaction of the Democrats, he does think this standstill could help Republicans in 2020.

His main reason for this optimism centers on a deal that Democrats could strike with Republicans that would protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients in return for wall funding.

DACA has a lot of support from Latino voters. In 2018, 69 percent of Latino voters sided with Democrats according to research from Pew.

President Trump claimed that Democrats said DACA protections were “not worth” giving into Trump’s demands for a wall. The president believes that Hispanic Democrats will see that the party hasn’t secured DACA protections and they will switch to the GOP as a result.

It isn’t clear exactly how far negotiations have gotten between the two sides on the DACA negotiations. This unclarity is two-fold.

First, Republicans have a lawsuit before the Supreme Court on the Constitutionality of President Donald Trump’s decision to overturn former President Obama’s executive order on DACA. The president has said he would like a ruling before moving forward with any DACA policy proposals.

No matter how the court rules, the truth remains that DACA was only an executive order so any president can repeal it whenever they want, incentivizing supporters to pass it through Congress if they want to protect the recipients.

Second, Democrats have said that wall funding will never be on the table, making a DACA deal unlikely.

So with President Trump waiting for a Supreme Court ruling and Democrats refusing to offer up any wall funding, it’s pretty clear that neither side wants to actually address DACA anytime soon.

Trump’s suggestion that Republicans could stand to benefit from a DACA deal will largely depend on them addressing the issue before Democrats. While the issue isn’t a complete home run for Republicans, a Harvard poll found that 63 percent of Republicans are on board with some DACA protections.

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