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Trump Condemns Abortion Of Babies With Down Syndrome

Demonstrating his pro-life allegiance, President Donald Trump officially recognized Down Syndrome Awareness Month for the third time in a row, condemning the abortion of babies with Down syndrome.

“We thank individuals with Down syndrome for their incredible contributions to their families, their communities, and our great Nation, and we pledge to empower them to achieve their full potential,” Trump said as the month kicked off, as reported by LifeSiteNews. “My administration also renews its commitment to bring attention to and a deeper understanding of the challenges these remarkable Americans face, including their struggle against discrimination. Those thought to have Down syndrome also risk being subjected to the too-often terminations of their lives before birth.”

President Trump then went on to say that people with Down syndrome have inherent dignity and should be “embraced in schools, workplaces, and communities.”

“Every human life possesses immeasurable value, and my Administration will continue to embrace and defend the inherent truth that all of God’s children should be loved and cherished,” he said. “This month is an important opportunity for Americans to reaffirm our commitment to creating a society that better appreciates and respects the dignity of life at all of its beautiful and miraculous stages. We must devote our efforts to ensure that the United States continues to exhibit reverence for human life — both born and unborn.”

The crystal ball, that is Europe, has been leading the charge against babies with Down syndrome, signaling what the United States could possibly become if the abortion of such children becomes commonplace. In 2006, Denmark had just four babies born with Down syndrome. In the neighboring country of Iceland, abortion of Down syndrome babies has reached near 100%. France has gotten in on the race, too; most recently, the country banned a television commercial featuring Down syndrome children because it upset mothers who previously aborted children with Down syndrome.

As unborn children with Down syndrome are quickly being exterminated across the globe, some states have stepped up efforts to protect them — such as Ohio, which passed the Ohio Right to Life’s Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act in 2017. Naturally, pro-abortion factions opposed it, with NARAL issuing Ohio lawmakers a petition with 2,000 signatures in opposition to the bill. Jaime Miracle, deputy director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, said at the time that the Ohio law curtails a woman’s choice. “It’s not our place to judge a woman and her decision on whether or not to continue a pregnancy for whatever reason it is,” the pro-abortion leader said.

As the 2020 election approaches, President Trump has been firm in his pro-life stance — something he has maintained since he sought the 2016 nomination. Most recently, he condemned the Democratic Party for effectively supporting infanticide via the promotion of late-term abortion.

“This is a baby that’s born,” he said at a rally in July. “Nobody’s ever heard anything like that. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it … What happened to our values? Republicans believe that every life is a sacred gift of God. And that’s why I’ve asked Congress to prohibit extreme late-term abortion of babies.”

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