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Trump Deportation Chief Issues Warning To “Sanctuary” Mayors [VIDEO]

For far too long, illegal immigration has gone unchecked in the United States. The Democrats have continually sabotaged border security, and Republicans have permitted it out of fear of being labeled “racists.” Under Trump, things have changed.

According to Fox News, the Acting Director of ICE, Thomas Homan, just sent a powerful message to the sickos who call themselves mayors of “sanctuary” cities: “We’re going to enforce the law without apology.” That’s how you tell them!

Homan’s comments come right on the heels of a tragic incident in San Antonio, Texas, in which ten illegal immigrants were found dead and several others hospitalized after sitting captive in a hot truck at a Walmart parking lot, Breitbart reported.

39 illegals were being smuggled into the country by a truck driver from Clearwater, Florida. Many of the aliens in the truck got away before authorities arrived at the site; gone to continue breaking the law!

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R), issued strong remarks about sanctuary cities in light of the deaths, saying that sanctuary cities and their political leaders are to blame for immigrants coming into the country illegally:

“[Sunday’s] tragedy is why I made passing Senate Bill 4 to ban sanctuary cities — which is now law — a top priority. Sanctuary cities entice people to believe they can come to America and Texas and live outside the law. Sanctuary cities also enable human smugglers and cartels.”

Patrick’s comments prompted acting ICE Dir. Thomas Homan to lay the smackdown on the naive imbeciles who obstruct enforcement of our nation’s laws via inane sanctuary city policies.

He said: I’m going to send additional resources to these cities and we’re going to find these people. We’re going to enforce the law without apology.” That’s right! If those liberal mayors and city councilmen don’t want to cooperate, fine. We don’t need them!

ICE has some of the top law enforcement officers in the country. They are smart, tough, highly-trained specialists who are devoted to defending the rule of law in America. These no-nonsense ICE agents are used to taking the cartels and gangs head-on. They certainly won’t back down because of pencil-pushing Leftist mayors! Go America!


Homan also emphasized that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. Whether it’s Americans or the illegal aliens themselves, someone always suffers. Illegal immigrants steal hard-working American citizens’ social security numbers. They bring their credit scores down by robbing them of their identities. Why aren’t US politicians sticking up for the people they were elected to defend?

Democrats like to ignore the fact that the people bringing illegal aliens across the border are violent criminals. These are the same organizations involved in drug-dealing, human trafficking, child prostitution, and murder.

When illegals pay these human smugglers to get them across the border, they’re enriching organized crime. This has to STOP! Thank goodness for heroes like President Trump and Thomas Homan. We need to shut down all federal funding to sanctuary cities and make our nation safe again!

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