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Trump Digs SICK Skeleton Out Of Obama’s Closet, Heads Are Starting To Roll

Our hard earned dollars are being wasted on an epic scale, fellow patriots. The Obama secret President Trump just unearthed is shocking, and this needs to end now!

About 100 federal staffers who get their paycheck courtesy of We the People have been spending their working hours watching porn. This isn’t a GOP witch hunt, folks — the dirty-minded public employees confessed.

The 100 or so federal employees didn’t just click on a sexy internet ad and spend a minute or two watching a pornographic once or twice. The Obama administration staffers admitted to watching copious amount of porn while on our dime for the past five years, Washington Free Beacon reports.

According to the facts unearthed by an NBC News 4 crew, the Obama staffers said they spent SIX HOURS a day surfing porn and other illicit online content from their government desktop computers. Doing a bit of simple math, that leaves just two hours for completing their job.

The journalists investigating the Obama porn scandal used government records obtained via the Freedom of Information Act. The porn fans span 12 separate federal government agencies.

Ironically, to say the least, more than 20 of the work porn cases involved staffers at Obama’s Justice Department! Apparently, the staffers at the EPA really like their porn too since a multitude of taxpayer abuse occurred at that federal agency as well.

One of the EPA staffers who worked in the Office of Air and Radiation got a $120,000 salary, courtesy of hardworking Americans, while watching porn at least two hours every day at work. That’s not the worst part of this case. The man got a BONUS — again, funded by all of us — and masturbated in his office!

Have any of the porn fans been fired? Nope, it doesn’t appear so.

Those who were caught or confessed to watching hours of porn on a daily basis at work only face “possible disciplinary action.” The policies about porn watching on the clock are reportedly “flexible” in some federal agencies.

Even after one EPA employee was banned from the building after an apparent porn infraction, he was never officially fired. For many years later, he has remained on the government payroll.

This Obama porn fan continued to draw a six-figure salary for working a job he wasn’t allowed in the building to do? The only reason the taxpayers stopped feeding his habit in April 2015 was because he retired, and we are paying for that too!

The most some of these folks will receive is a written reprimand. This swamp needs drained — and all office computers and chairs thoroughly scrubbed!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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