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Trump Gave CIA Unexpected Order That Enraged Obama

A new report indicates that President Trump just gave CIA an order that surprised everyone, and Obama surely is mad. This unpredicted move by Trump is a key step and sure victory over the liberals, who will continue trying to undermine Trump’s presidency.

According to Big League Politics, Trump ended the CIA covert program which included funding, arming, and supporting the Jihadi Syrian rebels opposing Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

The decision to end one of Obama’s favorite projects was made in the last three weeks. This move by Trump administration is damaging the policies of many other high-level politicians and government official who wanted to see the invasion of Syria by American troops.

This CIA program armed the Jihadi Syrian rebels who fight against Assad. The rebels had the support of the Obama administration and many others like Ben Rhodes, who wanted Syria destabilized and Assad brought down. In some way, these exact programs were responsible for empowering ISIS as they became the end-user of the weapons distributed by the CIA.

According to the NY Post, liberals are jumping in accusations that Trump is pandering to Russia with this decision. Liberals are claiming that Trump agreed to grant Putin’s biggest wish by cutting the funding of the rebels who are fighting Assad, who is Russia’s closest ally.

And of course, this is all lies as we know that the liberals only know how to spread lies. In fact, this Trump’s move is very important, he is stopping the arming of Muslim terrorists who want to take over America.

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