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Trump Jr. Just Exposed Elizabeth Warren Like Never Before, and All It Took Was 1 Mind-Shattering Tweet…

Donald Trump Jr. just scored a victory for Republicans who are more than a little tired of being told they are the party of “millionaires and billionaires” by Democrats who themselves are millionaires and billionaires.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) took to Twitter recently to celebrate the failure of the Republican plan to replace Obamacare.

After it became clear that no pow wow was to be made between Trump and Congress, Warren attempted to tomahawk Republicans with the following tweets.

Apparently it was Warren’s reference to “the rich and powerful” that caused Trump, Jr to put down his peace pipe.

He tweeted:

The point is not to criticize Warren’s salary or to accuse Harvard of overpaying her.

While it may be as baffling that Harvard would pay her that much money for one class as Hollywood would pay Bradley Cooper a rumored $20M per film (did anyone actually see Joy?), it’s Harvard’s decision to pay her whatever they think she’s worth, and her right to accept it.

The point is that complaining about the system being rigged for the “rich and powerful” when you’re one of the “rich and powerful” is very bizarre.

As The Blaze points out,

Warren, according to financial disclosure forms that lawmakers are required to file, has a net worth that puts her in the top 1 percent of Americans in terms of wealth. This despite the fact that she and her colleagues regularly slam rich Americans for being too “rich and powerful” and not paying their “fair share.”

In fact, she was even paid a massive salary by Harvard in 2010 — a whopping $430,000 — to teach a bankruptcy law class. Those facts are what Trump Jr. ripped Warren for.

Not only does Warren get paid more for teaching one class than many families earn in a decade, her teaching salary is only a smart part of her finances.

According to CNN

Warren, the Harvard bankruptcynr law professor elected to the Senate in 2012, is worth between $3.7 million and $10 million.

That’s not including the three-story Victorian home in Cambridge, Mass., that she owns with her husband and fellow Harvard law professor, Bruce Mann. It’s now assessed at $1.9 million, according to city property records.

Again, hooray for Elizabeth Warren!

H/T Youngcons

Must be nice…especially the $1.9M Victorian home in Cambridge part.

But instead of complaining about the rich, wouldn’t it be nice if some of these rich Democrats spent more time helping the rest of us become rich too?

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