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Trump Just Dropped A BILLION Dollar Bombshell… Sanctuary Cities Sound The ALARM!

Almost every Republican candidate promises to cut spending, but they don’t always live up to those pledges.

Once elected, they sometimes get lobbied by special interests into stalling on those cuts, and even end up increasing spending. Other times, they don’t have the legislative votes to pull them off.

Donald Trump also promised to roll back government spending, but fiscal conservatives have more reason to be optimistic than usual. For one thing, the Republicans also control Congress, which will make it easy for Trump to live up to those vows.

For another, there are programs he can slash that won’t threaten essential services to American citizens — another speed bump whenever fiscal belt tightening is proposed.

But there is a genius place Trump can cut back—and it would be, in effect, killing two birds with one stone.

Federal funding for sanctuary cities. How much? No one thought it was this high!

According to a new study:

If the funding to all 106 sanctuary cities in the United States were ended, that would save an estimated $27.741 billion that is currently given to these cities either as direct payments or in the form of federal grants. (…)

CNBC noted that some estimates claim that Trump’s border wall could cost as much as $25 billion, something fiscal conservatives and liberals have expressed concern over.

Even though Trump has claimed that Mexico will pay for the wall, he has also admitted that the U.S. will probably start paying for it first. That $27 billion that is given to sanctuary cities looks like something that could be used to start funding the wall.

It is easier to build a moral case for defunding sanctuary cities than it is for many other traditional budget-slashing proposals, such as those that might reduce essential services.

For example, those individuals benefiting most from sanctuary city policies are:

a) non-US citizens/taxpayers and

b) government and other officials who are, by definition, brazen lawbreakers.

H/T Patriotjournal

If Trump wants to make the argument for cutting some or all of this funding, the media and other elites will squawk, but the average American will surely support him one hundred percent.

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