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Trump Just Exposed the ENTIRE US Government With Tweet that Obama DOES NOT Want You to See…

How stupid can our politicians get? Seriously, they think they are totally untouchable. They screw our country over time-and-time-again only to walk away with fat wallets and a smile on their faces…NOT ANYMORE WITH DONALD TRUMP AROUND!

I’m sure by this point you have heard that Donald Trump accepted a congratulatory phone call from the President of Taiwan, the first time they have spoken to a US president since Jimmy Carter declared them part of China.

Of course the establishment elite got very pissy about this since they get all their lobbying paychecks from China. They immediately went after Trump claiming he was ruining our relationship with China with his call. That’s when Trump shut them down with THIS epic Tweet:

YOWZERS! That is a harsh dose of reality for America right there. We have been loading the Taiwanese up with weapons for decades while pretending we hate them. At least Trump has the honesty to admit it and is willing to open the door to all comers.

Hell, I never saw Obama willing to admit to us selling weapons to people we supposedly “oppose” even when he was caught red-handed tons of times. (Saudi Arabia, Mexican Cartels, Turkey, Yemen)

The funniest part is that the Liberals of all people are now defending China’s rule over Taiwan just to oppose Trump. What the hell do they even stand for?

This is called leverage folks. We needed leverage to negotiate with China and now Donald Trump has given it to us. Thank God that someone in the White House is gonna actually be smart for once.

I’m proud of Trump and all of America should be too. If you are proud, show him by sharing this out with the message THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP!!

Source: Libertywritersnews

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