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Trump Just Glared into the Camera and Announced 2 New Executive Orders that Will Make America Safe!

Today was the swearing in of General James Mattis as the new Secretary of Defense. It was a beautiful ceremony led by Mike Pence, however it was what Trump said AFTER Mattis’s acceptace speech that has everyone talking.

He announced 2 new executive orders that will help us restore our military and our domestic safety:

  • Rebuild the Armed services with new planes, ships, and resources.

  • New vetting measures to keep Radical Islamic terrorists out of America.

So, if you are wondering how he is gonna do these goals, it is pretty simple.

First, he is gonna up the military’s budget big time! Yeah, that’s not gonna be cheap, but Obama’s cuts basically made us the laughing stock of the world. NOT ANYMORE!

Second, he is gonna order a revision of our vetting process to keep out any potential terror threats.

That does not mean that refugees are totally banned. It just means that they will now need to prove their identity and intentions beyond a reasonable doubt before they can come here.

Trump wanted to make one thing VERY clear to the world, though. Just because we are rebuilding does NOT mean we want war. America stands for peace!

“As we prepare our budget request for Congress… our military strength will be questioned by no one, but neither will our dedication to peace, we do want peace.”

So let’s all thank our new president for giving this country what it actually needs!

Source: Libertywritersnews

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