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HERE IT IS! Trump Just Got Peyton Manning to do Something AMAZING for All Americans!

You know liberals can act like President Trump doesn’t have any celebrity friends, but that’s a load of BS! If Trump didn’t have any A-List friends, then how the hell do you explain what he just got PEYTON MANNING to do for him?!

According to a report from Politico Playbook, Trump landed the 2 time Superbowl Winning quarterback to speak at the Republican retreat this weekend.

In case y’all weren’t aware, Peyton has been a Republican for as long back as I can remember. He has always supported Conservative values.

 And the Republican retreat this weekend is a MUCH bigger deal than most people realize. It will mark the first time President Trump meets with new British Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss the future trade deals AFTER the Brexit.

So, while Peyton Manning’s speech will most likely just be motivational and fun, this weekend marks the end of Obama trade policies and the first HUGE trade deal for out America First policies!

Let’s all send our well wishes to President Donald Trump, Mr. Manning, Theresa May, and all the other people attending the event while they figure out how to clean up our country!!

Source: Liibertywritersnews

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