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HE DID IT! Trump Just Said 1 Thing at The Governor of Michigan – America Is Cheering!

When President Trump needed help the most during the campaign, many Republican Leaders and Governors still stood against him. One of the most prominent “Anti-Trump” Republicans in 2016 was Governor Rick Snyder in Michigan… AND TRUMP JUST GOT HIS REVENGE!

Governor Rick Snyder REFUSED to endorse Trump and called him “Anti-Muslim” last year. Regardless, Trump STILL won Michigan, which had eluded Republicans for decades!

BUT WATCH THIS: As President Trump was posing for a picture yesterday in Detroit, the women he was with asked for Governor Snyder to join in. Trump was visibly upset and said, “come on governor, even though you didn’t endorse me.” As the governor fake smiled and tried to laugh it off, one of the women tried to lighten the mood by saying “he has not forgotten.” Trump responded with a COLD-BLOODED comment, saying “I never forget.” Watch this then SHARE on Facebook if you stand with Trump against the establishment!

This is why people voted for Trump! He won’t just give in to the establishment and forgive the people who tried to stop him!

H/T Subjectpolitics

This is one of the best Trump clips ever!!! SHARE on Facebook so this goes VIRAL!

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