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Trump Just Said It’s Time For All Americans To Get Off Welfare – Let’s Start With This Liberal Scumbag

Donald Trump just stunned American liberals when he said today, “It’s time for all Americans to get off welfare and get back to work. You’re gonna love it! You’re gonna love it!!””

Agreed. It’s time. And we should start with disgraced former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. You should sit down for this one because this is gross, even for the democrats.

If you didn’t know, Jesse Jackson Jr was convicted for looting his campaign fund of hundreds of thousands of dollars, $750,000 to be exact. Which he blew on luxury goods and sport memorabilia.

When he thought the feds were closing in on him, he claimed he had Bi-polar and took a leave of absence.

That put off the feds for a while. He was re-elected while still on leave for bi-polar though he did have time to make a few robo calls for his campaign and make a few votes in Congress.

After winning re-election the feds came knocking and he was convicted. He went to jail. He’s out now and the Chicago Tribune just reported a bombshell.

The convicted felon is getting $138,400 a year in welfare.

The Tribune reports, “Jackson, 51, receives about $138,400 a year — more than he made as a freshman congressman in 1995. Most of that — about $100,000 — is workers’ compensation and tax-free.”

Are you kidding me?

The rest of Jackson’s benefits are Social Security Disability Insurance payments.

His lawyer Barry Schatz said, “The payments flow to Jackson because he has bipolar disorder and depression — the issues that led to an extended leave from Congress in 2012 — and those conditions have been exacerbated by a very difficult, contentious divorce from former Chicago Ald. Sandi Jackson.”

“Whatever benefits Jesse Jackson Jr. has, he earned them, and as a matter of law, he’s entitled to them. If the government thought he wasn’t entitled to them, they wouldn’t be paying them.”

He continued,

“Jackson’s workers’ compensation benefits are for a temporary, total disability. His health is checked once a year or more, and should it improve, the benefits might change.”

“He’s not a slacker, he’s on medication and is not currently able to work.”

Not a slacker, not able to work? How did he survive in prison? I bet he had a job on the inside.

“Once again, the average taxpaying citizen is left to wonder if justice was done for them,” said Pete Sepp, head of the nonpartisan National Taxpayers Union in Washington.

Ari Wilkenfeld, a Washington employment lawyer added, “it is highly unusual to collect federal workers’ compensation for bipolar disorder. I know of no other such case.”

“What’s remarkable here is by his getting workers’ comp, it appears that Congressman Jackson’s attorneys have convinced the government that his bipolar disorder was created by the rigors of being a member of Congress,” Wilkenfeld said.

Are you kidding me. This is the mess Obama left Trump.

Oh yeah, I forgot the best part. The only reason we know all this is because his wife is suing him for child support.

This scum bag is taking $138,400 in welfare payments and not giving his kids one red cent.

What a Piece of garbage.

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