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Trump Just Touched Down In France – Could Macron Handle His Famous Handshake? [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump arrived in France Thursday to celebrate Bastille Day with French president Emmanuel Macron.

While Trump usually dominates the handshakes he has with world leaders, Macron has studied Trump’s handshake to make sure he doesn’t project weakness when greeting the U.S. president.

When they shook hands, each man gave the other a couple of pats on the opposite arm and held onto the shake for a long period of time. They stood incredibly close to each other, nearly touching chests.


After the handshake, each president greeted the other’s wife with a kiss on both cheeks. Melania Trump stunned in a red skirt and matching blazer while Brigitte Macron opted for a white minidress with zippers.

Macron pulled out all of the stops for Trump’s visit, playing the United States national anthem with a full band before playing the French national anthem. The two men will dine together Thursday evening at a Michelin star restaurant.

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