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Trump Had A Perfect Answer For Chelsea Clinton’s Claims

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea recently attacked President Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Twitter. But she quickly got a feedback she didn’t expect. President Trump and the American patriots had the perfect answer for her, as like most of the Americans believe that the Clintons should be in prison.

Chelsea Clinton posted a tweet saying “The year I spent in Joe Arpaio’s tent jail was hell. He should never walk free,” with a link to a Washington Post article.

Although the thought of Clintons in jail is welcoming for many Americans, she only made a mess by posting this Tweet. “She was doing research for her mother on available accommodations,” twitted one user. “Aiding and abetting a criminal and a sexual predator. @ChelseaClinton,” twitted another, who replied to the question, “What were you [Chelsea] in for?” Chelsea discovered how many Americans wants her parents in jail, but she continued with attacks on President Trump and Sheriff Joe.

The Washington Post article she quoted was written by a liberal who was arrested for drunk-driving. In his article, he was complaining about the conditions in Arpaio’s tent jails, generally that the food wasn’t good, that was cold in winter and hot in summer. But what did he expect?

Chelsea Clinton thought that the article proves that Sheriff Joe is a racist and immediately connected him with President Trump who according to her loves racists, and that’s the reason he gave Sheriff Joe a pardon.

“During the sweltering summer, the temperature could reach 115 or 120 degrees. I was in the tents when we hit 120. It was impossible to stay cool in the oppressive heat. Everyone would strip down to their underwear,” wrote Francisco Chairez, trying to present it like a Nazi concentration camp.

“Arpaio saved worse abuse for others. Those who were in full detention had to wear pink socks, underwear, and flip-flops. They ate peanut butter and bread, and the only other meal they received was baloney and bread,” complains Chairez.

If wearing pink socks and eating peanut butter sandwiches are “harsh” conditions than the President Donald Trump had a perfect answer for Chelsea Clinton that he posted on Twitter and shamed her for posting this ridiculous article. “I am pleased to inform you that I have just granted a full Pardon to 85-year-old American patriot Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He kept Arizona safe!”

Sheriff Joe was enforcing immigration law under the Obama administration when the former Attorney General Eric Holder accused him of all immigration crimes. Arpaio wasn’t doing anything else but making America safe.

Trump posted on Twitter, “Crooked H[illary] destroyed phones w/ hammer, ‘bleached’ emails, & had husband meet w/AG days before she was cleared- & they talk about obstruction?” Chelsea should never put herself in this situation with posting such a ridiculous tweet for Arpaio when her parents are criminals and she is aware of that.

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