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Trump Is Planning Ex Fox News Icon For A Place At The White House

As reported President Trump has put serious thoughts on Bill Shine, ex co-president of Fox News as a part of the team for communications on the White House.

The New York Times wrote that Shine “has spoken with White House officials” for an assignment in Trump administration.

The Times continued “Mr. Shine’s discussions last week with the Trump team were confirmed by two senior administration officials who requested anonymity to describe private conversations,”.

“A third person briefed on the discussions said that the administration was considering a behind-the-scenes role for Mr. Shine that took advantage of his skills producing and staging televised events,” was stated in The Times.

It was reported that last week during the dinner at the White House Trump met the with Sean Hannity, Shine and Anthony Scaramucci, who was then on the communications director position.

A spokesman for Hannity stated for The Times that during the dinner there was no discussion about the possibility of Shine’s assignment as a part of Trump administration.

“Bill Shine is talented enough that he doesn’t need my help in getting a job in the White House or any other position,” Hannity stated.

The report didn’t provide any additional details whether Shine is considering himself as a part of Trump administration nor that a position was offered to him.

Anyhow, the White House still needs new communications director, after Scaramucci’s dismissal. He started working as a communication director on July 21, but just after ten turbulent days he was dismissed. At one moment Scaramucci disrespectfully criticized then-White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and current chief strategist Steve Bannon in front of a reporter.

Shine stopped working for Fox News in May after a report saying that his position at the network is critical, because of many lawsuits accusing him of discrimination and sexual harassment.

“Shine, who is named in at least four lawsuits or allegations related to alleged sexual harassment or racial discrimination at the network, is also Fox’s most vulnerable player. A member of the old guard, he has been ensnared in multiple sexual harassment allegations — not accused of harassment himself, but of covering up the alleged wrongdoings of others,” CNN reported then.

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