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What Trump Plans to Put in Oval Office Has Obama RAGING

President-elect Donald Trump has a lot of changes planned for the Oval Office.

And he’s planning to bring some things back that Obama discarded, and that has “Barry” pissed.

Obama caused a diplomatic rift when early in his presidency he removed a bust of British hero Winston Churchill from the Oval Office.

He replaced it with a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr.

That’s ironic, since King was a conservative, and would have been horrified by the policies of America’s first black president.

At any rate, the Brits took the move as a snub.

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson said Obama had removed Churchill as a “snub to Britain” because of his “ancestral dislike” of the UK.

He did not elaborate. But Obama’s father was from Kenya, which only gained independence from the UK in 1963.

When asked recently if he is returning Churchill to the Oval Office, Trump replied: “I am, indeed, I am.”

Obama later claimed that he loved Churchill, and had a similar bust in the residence area of the White House.

But that still begged the question why he removed a tribute to America’s greatest war-time ally from the most powerful office in the land.

Source: Conservativepost

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