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Trump Pulls Quotes From Clinton and Obama to Remind Democrats ‘Walls Work’

President Donald Trump is using every resource he has to convince Democrats to turn over wall funding to end the partial government shutdown — including quotes from former President Barack Obama and 2016 presidential runner-up Hillary Clinton.

For over two weeks, the United States government has been partially shut down due to a lapse in funding. The negotiations to reopen the government have rested on one key detail: funding for a border wall.

President Trump and his administration have asked for $5.6 billion to go toward border security, specifically a physical barrier. Democrats haven’t offered any money toward the wall, frustrating the Trump administration.

As IJR previously reported, Trump recruited several law enforcement agents to discuss their need for the wall in an impromptu White House press conference this past week.

Watch Trump’s press conference below:

Although the agents delivered some hard-hitting arguments for the wall, negotiations between the White House and Democratic leadership remain at a standstill, prompting Trump to try to find some spokespeople whom Democrats might listen to.

Pulling old quotes from Obama and Clinton, Trump took to Twitter to make another call for Democrats to consider funding the wall:

President Trump also addressed the claim from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) that the wall is “expensive and ineffective.”

Trump claimed the wall could “pay for itself” by stopping the flow of illegal activity into the country:

This isn’t the first time President Trump has borrowed quotes from prominent Democrats while making his case for the wall. As IJR previously reported, Schumer has been one of the main Democrats used by Trump to lay out why a wall is necessary.

Check out his trolling below:

While Trump may be having fun calling out Democrats’ hypocrisy on border security, it doesn’t look like it has been the most effective method of negotiating. Neither side seems willing to budge on their offers. As IJR previously reported, Trump said he would be willing to leave the government partially shut down for “years” if necessary.

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