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TRUMP WAS RIGHT! He Got a FedEx Delivery That PROVES HE WAS RIGHT All Along

President Trump got a delivery in Washington that PROVES he was right all along! The New York Times is reporting that Tech companies have sent TRUCKLOADS of H-1B foreign worker visa applications to Washington DC. THEY KNOW TRUMP IS ABOUT TO END THE H-1B PROGRAM, SO THEY THINK THEY CAN BEAT HIM TO THE PUNCH! HA HA…

This is an ACTUAL photo of a FedEx truck FULL of H-1B foreign worker visa applications sent to Washington DC… One FedEx courier said “We’re loaded, and we have more trucks coming!

BUT THEIR PLAN HAS ALREADY FAILED! President Trump is on the verge of DRASTICALLY reducing, or ENDING H-1B foreign worker visas! Companies like Disney, Toys R Us, and Hewlett Packard bring in thousands of H-1B workers to replace Americans. In many cases, even FORCING Americans to TRAIN their foreign replacements! WATCH what President Trump had to say about it and SHARE on Facebook if you agree with him!

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