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TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Look Who Got Caught Climbing The Border Fence

Trump was right! We need the wall NOW! Braulio Guerra, a Mexican politician, was caught on camera climbing over the U.S. Mexico border fence. He thought it would be clever to sneak into the U.S. to “prove” how pointless Trump’s proposed wall is. In the video, Guerra said, “This is evidence that it is totally unnecessary and it’s absurd to build a wall.”

HE JUST PROVED TRUMP’S POINT! The pathetic “fence” this man climbed over is exactly what Trump keeps talking. It is a single fence that extends to the ocean and you can just walk around it!

THE KIND OF BARRIER TRUMP WANTS will include a wide ditch, surveillance Cameras, double fencing with a patrol road in between, and two vehicle barriers.THIS IS WHAT TRUMP’S WALL WILL LOOK LIKE! GOOD LUCK CLIMBING IT!

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