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Trump Shocks Everyone With HUGE Announcement About Melania

Earlier this week, rumors swirled that Melania Trump was considering not moving to Washington D.C. at all in favor of staying in New York City with her 10 year-old son Barron. The president himself has shot these rumors down recently after publications ran false claims to the contrary.

For example, “First Lady Melania Trump May Stay in NYC Permanently and Never Move Into the White House,” read a headline by US Magazine this week in which they quoted an “exclusive source.”

Afterwards, ABC News posted the following exchange between their reporter David Muir and President Donald Trump himself. This makes it clear that Melania and Barron Trump will indeed be moving to the White House after the school year ends, and that the president can’t wait for them to get there:

DAVID MUIR: Your predecessor used to talk often about finishing the day to get to his family upstairs — the stairwell’s right over here — to have dinner with them. And I know that the First Lady, Melania, has a big job back in New York taking care of Barron.


DAVID MUIR: Does it make it a lonely place for you, at the end of the day?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: No, because I end up working longer. And that’s okay. I mean I’m working long hours. I mean the country has a lot of problems. It has a lot of problems. And yes, Barron’s getting out of school in another three months. And to take him out now is very unfair. He’s very young. Very — very, very young. And people think because he’s so tall that he’s 16 years old. But he’s 10. He just turned 10. But he’s a great boy. But we wanted him to finish up school where he is.

DAVID MUIR: And then he’ll come to the White House?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: And then he comes to the White House, yes.

DAVID MUIR: Are you looking forward to it?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I do, very much so.

H/T: Rightjournalist

Nice try liberal media, but your story about Melania Trump staying in New York City is most definitely FAKE NEWS!

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