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Trump SLASHING Funding to Sanctuary Cities – Here’s How Much We’ll Save…

It turns out that “America First” is a very fiscally responsible policy.

If President Trump was able to cut the funding to all 106 U.S. sanctuary cities, we would save a staggering $27 billion. This funding is either given to these cities in the form of direct payments or in federal grants.

Of course, President Trump will continue to give these cities funding if they drop their “sanctuary” status. However, a substantial amount of that money will still be saved when the cities inevitably decide to obey our immigration laws.

Roughly 22 percent of the illegal immigrants in our nation live in just 12 U.S. cities, including New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. These cities alone receive over $15 billion in U.S. funds.

If President Trump is able to win the obvious legal battles that will ensue, these cities will be quick to get back in line. Can you imagine how mad the citizens of New York City would be at Mayor De Blasio if their city taxes went through the roof because he chose to side with illegal immigrants?

Our president only wants to spend money on natural-born citizens, not illegal immigrants, and I am right behind him.

There is no question that a lot could be done with the money we are going to save by refusing to support illegals. We could build roads, we could repair bridges, or we could provide better healthcare for our veterans. Although Trump is going to do everything he can to make Mexico pay for our border wall, this money could also be used to help start the project while the funding details are being ironed out.

Fortunately for Trump, and for the rest of the American people, some sanctuary city mayors are showing some common sense and are complying with the order.

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced that he would comply by detaining any illegal immigrants they have that are wanted by the federal government. Although it would cost his county $52,000 to detain them, they would lose funding such as the $29.7 million they collected from the federal government in 2016 otherwise.

San Francisco is not being as compliant. They responded by filing a lawsuit against the federal government because they believe that protecting our borders is “unconstitutional” and “un-American.”

To make matters worse, lawmakers in California are even considering declaring the entire state a sanctuary. A senator said that blocking this executive order would ensure that all illegal immigrants who are “here for the right reasons” can stay. Of course, it would also ensure that illegal immigrants who are here for the wrong reasons can stay, too.

But, I am still left wondering if they are here illegally, what reason is right. By definition, they are already a criminal.

H/T: Angrypatriotmovement

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