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Trump Trolled Warren On Twitter. Leftists Are So Mad They Reported Him To Melania.

On Thursday, President Trump retweeted a meme from The Daily Wire that mocked Senator Elizabeth Warren’s nascent presidential campaign. In response, leftists on Twitter decided to report the action — to Melania Trump.

Trump tweeted this:

Trump has often mocked Warren for claiming she had Native American heritage, which ultimately prompted her into taking a DNA test that only left her wide-open for more mockery, as it found that the “generational range based on the ancestor that the report identified suggested” she was only between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American, as The Boston Globe reported.

Comedian Tony Posnanski tweeted, “While Donald Trump attacks Elizabeth Warren this morning to his millions of followers… I would like to thank Melania Trump for her amazing anti-bullying Be Best campaign, which is doing amazing in 2019!”

MSNBC contributor Joyce Alene echoed, “If the GOP feels it’s appropriate to have a President campaign at a name-calling, bullying level an elementary school principal would feel compelled to shut down, they should let him keep on. Otherwise, hold him accountable as the leader of your party.”

One Twitter user alerted the president’s wife, writing, “Hey @FLOTUS… is this #BeBest? Shame on you for being such a hypocrite… preaching to the rest of us about the evil of cyber-bullying while you live with and feed off the CyberBully-in-Chief… #Melania #Trump #ElizabethWarren”

There were others:

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