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Trump’s First Choice For Press Secretary Is Now OFFICIAL! She Is Wonderful!!

Newly elected President Donald Trump has a large number of interesting controversial picks for his inner circle but this new information about a specific person could be the best one ever!

We are talking about Laura Ingraham, a woman who perfectly fits the role of a press secretary of the White House.

Laura is favored by a lot conservatives, and she has little relation and even less use for the mainstream media, to favor as a “go-to person” for information from the Trump White House.

Ingraham without a doubt truly believes in Trump. She expressed her deep interest and has offered help to shape the policy of Trump weeks ago. They told Politico she is going to consider the position.

“I don’t think Laura has behaved wonderfully during this whole thing, but I’ll give her credit — she basically believes all of this stuff Said Jonah Goldberg, National Review open critic before the election. “There are other pundits, I think, there are other conservatives who have basically just jumped on board the Trump train out of cynical necessity and desire for access and one last shot at the rodeo and all the rest. Laura hasn’t sold out her positions. Her positions have become increasingly sort of protectionist and nationalist for a while now.”

 “I have known Donald Trump for a long time, and we have been friends for a long time, and I am looking forward to that conversation. It is a great privilege to even be considered,” she stated this on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning. “If your country calls you, if God opens that door, you have to seriously consider it. If I can really help, it is hard to say no to that. If I think I can help, which I think I could.”

According to Ingraham the most mainstream media outlets are a part of a large bipartisan liberal establishments which are institutionally and inherently biased against Trump and other populist movements such as this. And while the campaign lasted, she always kept throwing reviews for “establishment media” and “Republican establishment” for their opposition to the newly elected president of Trump.

“New media has spent enormous time and resources covering Benghazi, the FBI investigation, Wikileaks, Planned Parenthood and the corrupt Justice Department,” she said. “None of these things and others would have come to light without the New Media. ABC, NBC, the Washington Post are worse than irrelevant. We now must make fun of them.”

Source: Enhlive

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