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Trump’s Pedophile HUNTING RAIDS Just Busted 474 more Demons Putting ELITE IN ALL OUT PANIC … THEY’RE NEXT!

Dozens of women and children rescued in California; 474 arrests!

This is just the beginning of what is coming. What’s to come is likely to ensnare many of those at the highest levels of government.

Folks, did you hear that the Trump administration has arrested more than 3,000 pedophiles in the two months? No mainstream media is actually reporting this.

In comparison, the entire last year of Obama’s presidency only 400 low-level pedophiles were arrested.

On February 24th President Trump announced a White House initiative to take legislative action to finally put an end to human trafficking.

Once President Trump uses his pulpit to push for ending these horrendous practices, congressmen and senators will have a very difficult time opposing him.

There’s a reason that previous presidents chose to ignore these heinous crimes and congress never demanded them to. We’ll soon find out why.

Trump has enlisted the help of Craig Sawyer a veteran of the Marine Corps and a former Navy SEAL. Sawyer also served with the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), and went on to run personal security details for the likes of Donald Rumsfeld, Hillary Clinton, John Negroponte, and John McCain.

According to his website, Sawyer has founded Veterans For Child Rescue “to expose the dark and disgusting world of pedophile trafficking rings.” Sawyers’ is convinced that these rings include members from every level of our society.

This spells bad news for those Washington politicians with something to hide because these men are not whores willing to sell themselves to the highest bidder nor can they be threatened. They just needed a president who would take their back. And, now they have one.

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