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Tucker Carlson JUST WIPED THE FLOOR With Meryl Streep For Her Stupid Speech, HELL YES [VIDEO]

Fox News host and Trump supporter Tucker Carlson was, like the rest of us, deeply irked that Academy Award winning actress Meryl Streep was so classless and vulgar that she used her stage time at the Golden Globes to try to smear our 45th President.

Carlson is no fan of the smug liberal who run Hollywood, having recently said, “They can’t accept the election results for the same reason their business model is crumbling, and Hollywood won’t exist in its present form in 20 years. Hollywood is going out of business because they don’t understand the country they are selling a product to. They’re completely out of touch because they’re rich and entitled.”

Tucker zeroed in on Streep as a typical delusional Hollywood lib, saying, “Here you have a rich and entitled person describing herself as an outsider, an outcast. Look, she doesn’t like Trump, that’s totally fine, lots of people don’t.”

He continued, “You’re allowed to feel that way, but what I was so struck by is she was telling a crowd exactly what they wanted to hear. She was saying things that are totally uncontroversial within the context she was speaking. That’s the least courageous thing you can do.”

Tucker added, “To be in a room full with rich Hollywood liberals and say liberal things… I mean, it would be really interesting, and cool by the way, if were to stand up and say something they disagreed with… It just annoys me.” Do you agree with Tucker about Meryl’s awful, cowardly speech? Watch below:

Source: Conservative101

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