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As It Turns Out Canada Health Care System Is Not That Great

The liberals often praise Canada for their health care system, but as it turns out the reality is not that perfect.

One new report just uncovered how much the Canadian citizens really pay for their “free” health care, and showed how flawed the system is that Democrats want to bring here in America.

Fraser Institute finds out the liberals think that Canadian citizens do not pay for their doctor visits, but that is a false belief.

“Canadians often misunderstand the true cost of our public health care system,” the institute found in a detailed report. “This occurs partly because Canadians do not incur direct expenses for their use of health care, and partly because Canadians cannot readily determine the value of their contribution to public health care insurance.”

It seems that the system is created to secretly make the Canadians pay a large amount of money without they knowing it. They pay through a different kind of taxes, local and national.

“Out of sight, out of mind” maybe this could work for some time, but ultimately the costs will be discovered.

A “typical Canadian family of four will pay $12,057 for health care in 2017—an increase of nearly 70 percent over the last 20 years,” the Fraser report said.

$1,000 per month it’s not even close to “free” and these expenses keep growing.

“For all those tax dollars, there is still a long waiting list for a host of operations, both routine and urgent. Another Fraser Institute study recently revealed that 63,000 Canadians left the country in 2016 to seek medical assistance elsewhere — usually the U.S.,” according to Fraser report.

An expert economist at the institute, Bacchus Barua, said that the waiting list for any medical procedure is nearly a half year.

“Services are being rationed,” Barua said. “In our last report on wait times in Canada, we discovered that the average wait time from referral to treatment was 20 weeks. That was the longest wait time in the history of our survey.”

So apparently, this socialist system is only great on paper and not in real life.

Almost every American knows that the health care system needs to be updated. The expenses are high, the system is very complex and it only got worse when Obamacare was forced on the people.

So, with all this in mind, a single payer system doesn’t sound so bad.

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