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Two Cops Leaked a Video of the Mayor’s Son Threatening Police — Now They’ve Been Suspended for It

Police officers caught Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s son on a profanity-laced anti-cop rant. The video leaked to the press — and now two officers have been suspended.

According to KDVR, Aurora police officer Paul McClendon pulled Jordan Hancock over for driving 25 miles per hour over the speed limit. McClendon’s body cameras caught the mayor’s son calling the officer anti-gay slurs and telling him, “I’m about to get you fired.”


After the rant leaked, the mayor told reporters his son issued an apology.


“The last thing we want are young men interacting with our police officers in that manner, particularly African-American young men, and so he recognizes that, and he certainly understands that the officer didn’t deserve the interaction that he had. So he’s written an apology to the officer, and he said he hopes that one day, he’ll get a chance to personally apologize to him.”

However, KDVR reported that the police department had launched an investigation internally to find out who had leaked the video without authorization.

According to KDVR, McClendon showed it to Officer Paul Timmons, who then recorded the footage with his cellphone.

After Timmons made the cellphone recording, he showed it to Officer Judy Gurley-Lutkin, who then showed her husband. It isn’t clear whether Gurley-Lutkin or her husband directly leaked the video to the press.

Both Timmons and Gurley-Lutkin received one-day suspensions for leaking the tape. The investigation found no wrongdoing on behalf of McClendon.

As for Jordan Hancock, the mayor’s son received a fine of $275 for speeding — and didn’t get McClendon fired.

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