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Uh-Oh Hillary! Trump Just SMASHED Down the Hammer on Crazy Vote Recount Scam…

Democrats can be such whiny babies. Even a blind man could see that Donald Trump has been working 24/7 since getting elected to try and make our Country great again!

Well, even the President-elect has his limits, and now he is ready to crack down on the INSANE vote recount pushed by Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton to try and sabotage a fair-won election. You mess with the bull, YOU GET THE HORNS!!

Donald Trump has now assembled an army of lawyers to halt the recounts (which are probably rigged by Crooked Hillary), and these lawyers are NOT messin’ around.

Not only did the call the recount ‘insulting’, ‘lawless’, and a ‘farce’, that will create ‘constitutional chaos’, they even went as far as to refer to Jill Stein as nothing more than a ‘bottom-dwelling candidate’. OUCH! That’s gotta hurt…

Well shoot, as much as I hate lawsuits, what Jill Stein is doing is sick. She basically knew how desperate liberals are for a win so she tricked them all into giving her Millions of dollars she can pocket and walk away with.

If you think Trump has every right to shut down this cockamamie scheme by the libs, then let’s show unified support by sharing THIS all over Facebook and beating the establishment!!

Source: Libertywritersnews

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