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Ultra-Confident Trump: I’ll Win In 2020, GOP Will Win Back House And Keep Senate

Speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition over the weekend, President Trump exuded tremendous confidence heading toward the 2020 elections, predicting, “Republicans are going to win the White House; we are going to retake the House; we are going keep the Senate and we are once again going to be in a position in my opinion like never ever before, stronger than we’ve ever been before.”

Trump segued to his confident remarks after ripping Democrats who want to reinstate the disastrous Iran nuclear deal:

Thank you very much. We are going win. By the way, one of the people that was confirmed by somebody else today on the other side, Democrat, we are saying that they would reinstitute — reinstate the Iran nuclear deal. Well, this is what you have. They want to reinstate the deal. It was a disaster for our country. We gave $150 billion, $1.8 billion in cash, what does that look like? Airplanes loaded up with cash, how stupid was that deal? They want to reinstate it.

Then Trump said ebulliently, “Republicans are going to win the White House, we are going to retake the House, we are going keep the Senate and we are once again going to be in a position in my opinion like never ever before, stronger than we’ve ever been before. There is more spirit for the Republican Party right now than I’ve ever seen. They keep talking about the spirit of the Democrat party. There’s more spirit for Republicans in my opinion, by far, we may express somewhat differently and that’s okay, more spirit than I have ever seen and I’ve now been doing this for a little while. Not too long. I’m one for one. One for one. I want to be 2 for 2 and then relax.“

Democrats are clearly worried about Trump’s capacity for communicating directly with the American people; speaking on CNN with host Brian Stelter, former Obama advisor David Axelrod, who was speaking about the GOP and Trump, stated:

They are effective at digital communications and they are effective at talking to their base. The question is how much it infects the rest of the coverage, but this is uncharted waters, as are many things with Trump. You have a president who is going to be, excuse me, live tweeting the opposite party’s primary and you better believe that when anything happens in the Democratic race, he will have a comment. He will advance a meme like this, and Democrats are going to have to figure out how to deal with it.

Elizabeth Warren got into the back and forth on the Pocahontas thing and what she learned, I think, is that engaging in a long back and forth with him is what he wants. It’s a tricky, tricky path to navigate.

As The American Thinker reported on Monday, supporting the view that Trump’s chances of victory in 2020 are increasing:

In their daily presidential tracking poll, as of Friday April 5, President Trump had a 51 percent total approval number. Most of this calendar year, despite the constant drumbeat of Russian collusion, his approval number has been in the mid to high 40s, ranging from a low of 43 percent to a high of 52 percent since January 1. For comparison, President Obama, exactly eight years ago on April 5, 2011, was at 47 percent approval, with numbers ranging from the mid to high 40s, occasionally hitting 50 percent, much the same as President Trump.

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