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UNBELIEVABLE! The Minute Trump Walked Onstage Today… He Got The Surprise Of a Lifetime!

This was frickin’ awesome. Our President is so loved by his people and it shows. President Trump went and spoke to Boeing employees in South Carolina on Friday.

Trump told the Boeing crowd: “We are here today to celebrate jobs!”

The Boeing crowd started yelling, “USA! USA! USA!” That’s because we love our President don’t we, patriots! Watch Trump change the world.

This is huge. Our President is bringing back jobs. Our president is doing ever single thing that he said he would and the mainstream media could give a damn.

Ain’t that sad. The media is the enemy of the people. Trump tweeted that today.

Here is how the fake news media responded.

They still haven’t figured it out. They are the enemy. The media is responsible for tearing apart this country. Let’s delete the lying New York Times! Let’s delete the Washington Compost. Let’s turn off CNN. Let’s beat down MSNBC, patriots!

Look above. See how Americans love Trump. That’s what the media doesn’t want people to see.

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H/T Angrypatriotmovement

Together we can fight the mainstream media lies.

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