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An Unidentified Plane Has Been Flying Over Seattle

An unidentified plane has been flying above one of the biggest cities in America and aviation experts are all in questions.

This plane is clearly a military in origin in its circling over Seattle around two weeks. But the Department of Defense has been silent about its mission.

The Drive reported, the plane is a uniform gray and has only a cryptic tail number. The aircraft is frequently seen flying over and the observers have reported it in public airspace, and they think it is operating out of Boeing Field.

It is unknown to whom this plane belongs, and the experts are trying to find out but it extremely hard. Even though according to the serial number written on it, it seems that is or at least it was a U.S. government property, but U.S. military organizations are not aware of CN-235 or its activities

At one point the Air Force Special Operations Command said vaguely that the plane was tied to them and that it was a training exercise, but they didn’t say anything more about it.

So, this may be true, but also it can be a cover up for another mission.

Aviation experts examined the photos of the aircraft and publicly-available flight paths, which showed that the plane was circling around urban areas.

It is believed that the plane was a part of detailed surveillance of the Seattle area. And this kind of surveillance is definitely successful in capturing so called ‘patterns of life’.

And also, is especially good when it comes to collecting intelligence on an enemy target.

Anyhow, it is possible the CN-235 was involved in a secretive set of drills involving terrorists smuggling themselves and their weaponry into the United States via Seattle’s sea or airport facilities.

All this is a speculation so we hope in near future the U.S. military says its mission.

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