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Upsetting Video Shows A Group Of Black Teens Attacking A Group Of Innocent Boys

An upsetting video has emerged that shows a group of black teenagers attacking a smaller group of white boys in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The video shows the group encircling the kids as they attack them. When the attackers approach one kid, they immediately start to intimidate and then it erupts into a fight.

The footage starts with a bigger boy standing above one smaller boy with his fists ready to hit.

And then one teen in gray pants hits the tiniest one of the group.

The attackers then focus their attention towards another small kid.

They hit him as well but also one of the black teens throws him on the ground when several teens started to punch him while he was laying on the ground.

After this, the attacked kids tried to leave the dangerous situation, but the attacker pulled one of their friends back in the battlefield.

His friends then begged them to leave their friend alone.

The clip ends with the victims leaving the situation and the attackers following them while laughing. We don’t know if this was the end of the attack or it continued.

The tweet with this video received over 14,000 retweets, making it one of the most retweeted videos of the week. The original tweet was posted by unofficial Twitter account for Tennessee Republicans and requested from its followers to help Massachusetts police identify the attackers:

Here were some of the top replies:

Regardless of the motives for this attack, we can all agree that this is a disgusting thing to do and it’s not acceptable.

Massachusetts Police Department is investigating into this.

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