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Valerie Jarrett Commands Americans to THANK Susan Rice. What’s YOUR Response?

According to Valerie Jarrett, we’re indebted to Susan Rice for spying on us, obstructing the boundaries of ethical practices, and completely disregarding protocol.

Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, engaged in despicable behavior that negates the legality of her position. Valerie Jarrett went on air to commend Rice for her “strength” and “integrity” during a televised interview. If that weren’t bad enough, she later took to Twitter to say “we should thank [Rice] for working 24/7 to keep us safe.” She’s got some nerve!

According to Jarrett, America has nothing to worry about. There’s nothing to see here. Rice can do no wrong, no matter what people say. Her character is unassailable, and her actions are the epitome of patriotism. Yeah, right.

If Susan Rice were a rich, white, Christian man, she’d sure have hell to pay. Fortunately, in Trumps America, the identity politics of the downtrodden aren’t heroic anymore.

You’re actually going to have to face this, Susan Rice. What you did was illegal, untrustworthy, and represents a total lapse in judgement on your part.

It seems nobody can pull off “slimy and crooked” quite like the Obama Administration. These accusations facing Susan Rice are (undoubtedly) true, and that’s based on evidence. It’s continuously circulating across news outlets everywhere.

Who does Valerie Jarrett think she is? Asking America to thank Susan Rice is an avoidance tactic that serves no purpose. The Obama Administration will continue to hide behind their egregious lies, all in an effort to protect themselves.

This is PROOF Susan Rice will stop at nothing to place the blame on anybody but herself — even if she has to have that spineless joke, Valerie Jarrett, defend her.

You’ve been found out, Susan Rice. We see right through your pathetic attempt to save your name. What you’ve done is misguided and wrong. Donald Trump’s name will not be sullied by the Obama Administration’s frantic efforts to save face.

Republicans are taking the power back and calling out the Obama Administration on their counterfactual claims. The buck stops here.

H/T  Angrypatriotmovement

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