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VIDEO : Hannity to GOP “Get the Job Done or Get Out of Washington”

Fox News host Sean Hannity is furious with the GOP Senate for failing to do their damn job.

The Senate was not able to pass a health care bill, a failure that lies somewhere between incompetence and intentional sabotage.

After that flop, they weren’t even able to pass a repeal of Obamacare, something which has been talked about by GOP lawmakers for OVER SEVEN YEARS.

This is unacceptable, the American people deserve better than this.

These lawmakers rake in more money than they deserve, and they hardly do any real “work” at all

As the American people struggle to survive, watching our hard earned money go to pay ridiculous taxes that are squandered by these dopes, they get wealthy by sitting on their asses and living a life of luxury.

When it actually matters, they can’t even be bothered to do their jobs, and it is outrageous.

The fact that these elite lawmakers and career politicians are getting rich while doing absolutely nothing for the American people is infuriating, and that needs to change immediately.

Hannity tells these idiots to “get the job done, or get out of Washington.”

Well said, Sean!

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