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[VIDEO] Migrant Caught Stealing From Range Rover

A shocking footage of Muslim migrant trying to steal something is going viral. As he was about to steal from the wrong car he got a fierce surprise that he never expected.

This happened in London, England, where many migrants live now after they were allowed into the country.

There have been millions of reasons why the liberal lawmaker’s decisions have proven to be unsafe for the English citizens. And this clip is just another proof of how migrants are destroying England’s safety.

On the clip, you can see a man riding his bike and approaching a $50,000+ Range Rover, which he broke into and started to steal from. He took few bags and some clothes and started to ride away. But unfortunately for him, a police car was near and saw the whole incident. The Police started to chase him and in few seconds caught him.

This video shows what he liberals don’t want you to know, sadly these people are bringing their barbaric culture along with them and don’t want to assimilate with the modern and civilized life.

All kinds of crimes from assault and theft to even rape and murders have happened since these people came into the European countries. It is time to stand up against these sorts of things and let them know that we do not want their coulure ruining ours. But until then it’s nice to know that we have the police officers fighting for our safety.

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