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Video of Teens in ‘MAGA’ Hats Intimidating Native American Elder Sparks Outrage

On Friday, a series of videos were captured of a group of teens outfitted in “Make America Great Again” gear intimidating a Native American elder in Washington D.C. On Saturday, the clips went viral and the outrage followed.

The videos, which are hard to watch, show the students surrounding an elder Native American man who is playing a drum and singing an ancestral song. One of the students positioned himself directly in front of the Native American elder and put his face just inches from the drum.

There were a couple of videos shot from different angles. Here they are:

A woman who as at the event posted a photo explaining what happened, she wrote:

“At the close of the Indigenous People’s march and rally, the few of us left lingering to chat and meet were confronted by 50-70 young people wearing Trump’s hats, T-shirts and other apparel. The group consisted mostly of white men who sought to intimidate, mock and scare us with a mob mentality in order to silence a demonstration that was mostly concluded. The group outnumbered us and enclosed on our small group, chanting ‘build the wall’ and other Trumpisms.

The group was clearly looking for ANY opportunity to get violent and they consistently infringed upon our space, inching closer and closer, bumping into us and daring us to get physical. They surrounded us, screaming, cajoling and mocking the elder singer with intentionally disrespectfuly dancing and attempting to chant/sing louder than him. He did not break focus or move an inch fro the entirety of the encounter. And perhaps the saddest apart of all is that his song was medicine to calm the anger and toxicity of these men.”

A number of the men were wearing shirts that read “Covington Catholic,” which is a private, all-boys Catholic High School in Kentucky. On the school’s website, they show that they sent students to the March for Life in Washington, which was held on Friday.

Online, people widely condemned the actions of the teens:

As the ugly video began to gain steam, the school locked down their social media accounts. The school hasn’t commented yet.

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