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VIDEO: Shepard Smith Starts Slandering Trump on Live TV – Gets CALLED OUT By This Tough General…

Shepard Smith jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon, once again, when he criticized the President for taking action in Syria, calling him a hypocrite.

Angry Patriot Movement shared the video in which Shepard Smith, a spray-tanned television host, gets an earful from an actual military general.

General Keane told Shep that Trump rightly “feels a sense of accountability and responsibility as the president of the United States, knowing he has the power to stop the horrendous act that’s taken place.”

From Angry Patriot Movement:

President Trump successfully launched that offensive while inflicting very limited causalities. This sent a clear message to the Syrian dictator: we will NOT stand by while you poison your own people — we won’t topple the Syrian government, but we won’t turn a blind eye to their war crimes, either.

It’s easy for Shepard Smith to criticize the president from his desk, but if the responsibility was his, he would do the same. President Trump was able to prevent human suffering with a simple strike on a military base.

The airstrike was a deft move by President Trump. In one short offensive, he was able to stay the hand of the Syrian dictator without risking American lives.

General Keane agrees this was the best possible move by our president. It’s a low-risk, high-reward strike that’ll save thousands from chemical attacks.

If Trump had done nothing about the gas attacks on children in Syria, Smith would be calling him weak and heartless. You can’t win with these anti-Trump media pundits.

Watch the video here:

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