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VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Launches NASTY Attack On Christians – BOYCOTT HIM

Stephen Colbert is a sad, little man. He achieved some popularity for his shtick parodying conservatives on The Daily Show. Then he got signed as David Letterman’s replacement at The Late Show, and the whole world realized the guy isn’t funny.

Since Trump arrived on the political scene, Colbert has been trying to keep relevant by attacking the President and his administration non-stop. Now he’s gone WAY too far–attacking Christians who just want America to come back to God. SICK!

Like many Progressives, Colbert feels justified in slandering Christians because they don’t get on board with the Democrat’s pro-LGBT agenda. They pride themselves on being “tolerant,” but immediately label anyone who disagrees with them as a “bigot.”

Recently, Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, made a speech before Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), an organization dedicated to defending religious liberties (via NBC). Naturally, the Christian group is against gay marriage.

Stephen Colbert took this as an opportunity to trash not only Sessions but also the Bible and all of Christianity (via Time). Funny how Colbert never criticizes Islam, which is also opposed to same-sex marriage. Hypocrisy, much?

Colbert called ADF an “anti-LGBT hate group” and said that Sessions is “an imp who gets your first born if you don’t guess his name.” He reserved particular criticism for ADF’s work to prevent transgender use of restrooms, as well as to protect the Denver bakery that refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

During his tirade, Colbert used a Keebler elf cookie as a “stand-in” for Jeff Sessions, again taking a jab at his appearance. He went on to blaspheme the Bible, saying this of Christian commandments against homosexual relations: “It’s in the Bible someplace. Leviticus. Leviticus is a very safe bet. Whoever wrote Leviticus was an uptight… let me just say that.”

According to Colbert, Christians are backward fanatics for believing marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Again, no mention of Islam, which IS fanatical in its stance against gays. Christians simply preach the sanctity of marriage. We believe men and women should be free to choose between good and evil. In Muslim countries, homosexuals are legally persecuted and executed. Why do Democrats turn a blind eye to that if they care so much about gays?

Colbert has a sick mind. His brain has completely turned to mush because of his emersion in the degenerate Leftist culture. Just look at his disgusting attacks against our President. Several times, Colbert has accused Trump and Vladamir Putin of having a sexual relationship–while using the lewdest language possible.

It’s funny how Democrats are always complaining about Trump’s “inappropriate remarks” while praising the crude “comedy” of TV hacks like Colbert! They don’t really care about decency. Anything goes when it comes from a Democrat.

Every true patriot should boycott Stephen Colbert’s show. There’s no real reason for anyone to support this anti-American trash posing as entertainment. Let’s show Mr. Colbert that we’re sick of his spiel. Let him find a real job!

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