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Violent Storm Knocks Down American Flag — These Army Recruiters Brave the Elements to Save It

After severe winds swept through the area taking down a flag pole, two Army recruiters leaped into action.

“I kept thinking to myself, ‘I am not going to leave the flag on the ground,’” Staff Sgt. Eric Barkhorn, Fox News reported. “The flag means everything to me. It’s everything we stand for, it’s everything we fight for.”

The viral surveillance video at Top Gun Shooting Sports in Taylor, Michigan showed Barkhorn and Staff Sgt. Jared Ferguson fighting winds, hail, and rain to rescue the American flag off the ground. The two folded the flag once inside.

“We wear the flag on our shoulders every time we put on our uniform,” Ferguson said. “It’s definitely really important [to me].”

They told Fox that they would do it again in a heartbeat.

The flag pole caused $100,000 in damages when it fell as it hit part of the building. The store owner has since replaced the flag pole.

“These guys go overseas, they’ve all been on deployment at different times and they risk their life. And now they’re back here doing recruitment work and they’re still risking their lives,” owner of Top Gun Shooting Sports, Mike Barbour said.

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