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Virginia Gov. McAuliffe Condemns Alt-Right in Charlottesville – But Not Antifa

After Saturday’s “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe condemned the Alt-Right attendees for their violence, but didn’t condemn the violence of Antifa.

According to Breitbart News’ Raheem Kassam, who was there for the speech by McAuliffe, the Governor took to the stage a few hours after a car had slammed into protesters, killing at least one and injuring several more.

McAuliffe addressed everyone from the stage of the Albemarle County office building. The governor was flanked by a man who wore a “Menace II Supremacy” t-shirt as well as local officials.

Kassam reports that the Governor flipped between urging people for calm and unity and demanding division.

Even though the governor praised presidents Jefferson and Washington, his own words were entirely contradictive to their commitments to free speech. “There is no place for you in America,” McAuliffe declared to protesters.

“We were here to bring people together and unify folks,” he said before adding “We are a nation of immigrants… unless you’re native American.”

“Please go home and never come back,” he said to the “Unite The Right” protesters before adding “Take your hatred and take your bigotry.”

“They’re going to be in the trash heap of history,” declared the Charlottesville Mayor before police chief Al Thomas said: “outsiders do not tell our story.”

Kassam asked Governor McAuliffe several times if he would denounce the violence displayed by Antifa, just like he did for the violence displayed by the alt-right. “I didn’t want him to rescind criticism of the alt right. I didn’t expect him to be nuanced. But I did think — perhaps foolishly — that he might want to distance himself from violent tactics on both sides. I supposed wrong,” Kassam wrote in his piece.

Antifa committed numerous unprovoked acts of violence at the rally in Charlottesville.

Antifa Assaults Infowars Reporter!

Antifa Assaults Infowars Reporter!

Posted by Alex Jones on Saturday, August 12, 2017

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